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Canada Sports Hall of Fame



Project Strategy
This spectacular architectural structure is a unique and beautiful space showcasing Canada's sports heroes and memorabilia. Nestled against the Foothills of Alberta, this modern building stands out against the natural beauty of its surroundings. For the design team from Stantec Architecture, Calgary, the finish selection began with a very basic color concept - the red and white of the Canadian flag. The dominant geometric inspiration came from the strong, diagonal lines of the structural steel used in the architecture of this building. This is a recurring theme in the space, and the designer wanted to call attention to it by repeating it elsewhere. Her goal was to draw the eye to this wonderful interior "artwork" while not taking away from the overall intent of the Exhibit Hall. After an exhaustive search, she saw the new folder from Milliken introducing their Paste Up, Tessellate collection, and she instantly knew this was the solution. The carpet tile mimics the geometrical theme in a sophisticated and muted way, thus, not taking away from any of the Exhibits in the space. The Milliken carpet tile was the unifying element she needed to bring her inspiration to life.

Approximate Size: Unknown
Architect / Designer: Stantec Architecture and Interior Design
Location: 169 Canada Olympic Rd SW, Calgary, AB
General Contractor: CANA Limited
Products: Carpet Tile
Developer: WinSport Canada