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Case Study: Why Maintenance?

At KBM we provide custom developed carpet maintenance service packages for hundreds of clients in the Calgary area. 

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The Entrance to Your Building Plays an Important Role.

As we move through the inevitable changing seasons, careful consideration needs to be given to preventative measures to protect not only your flooring, but also staff and visitors to your building. Outdoor debris transfers to indoor areas through doors and walkways, resulting in potential damage to the finish on your floor.

Debris and moisture that are tracked into a building can tarnish the look and integrity of your flooring material. As owners and managers of the facility, this also increases the possibility of injury or death due to slips and falls.

Did you know the use of a matting system is encouraged throughout the year?

Not only can mats prevent damage to your flooring and your health and safety record, but they can also provide an aesthetic appeal and huge cost savings. Considerations when determining your need for year round mats should include: costs of cleaning to include machines, mops, cleaning agents and labour, as well the impending accidents and lawsuits. Up to ninety percent of existing debris in a facility has been tracked in from the outdoors but through the use of both internal and external mats, this number can be reduced by as much as eighty percent.

It is also important to consider the role that mats can play for indoor air quality (IAQ). As cited by the Canada Green Building Council ( ), matting can offer the first line of defense by reducing the need for chemical cleaning, as well as contributing to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System® credentials for choosing products made from recycled materials. In today’s society, environmental responsibilities and “green” initiatives play a large part in many of the decisions in a workplace, throughout departments and across industries. The value of excellent indoor air quality is priceless.

Mats to Suit Every Need.

Depending on the traffic flow in your facility, as well as the impending sources of debris outside of your entranceways, there are a number of options that can be introduced to ensure that you are getting optimal use out of your matting. The primary goals of your mats should be to: stop soil and water at the door; store and capture of the debris to ensure it stays put; provide a safe and non-slip surface; and finally to minimize tracking throughout your establishment.

What can KBM Do for You?

KBM has been providing matting & maintenance services for over a decade, and currently provides monthly service to over 20 downtown tower locations and hundreds of other locations in the surrounding city limits. KBM Commercial Floor Coverings Inc. has a wide range of matting material options available and customizable maintenance programs to suit each facilities needs.

Did you know that up to 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked into a building by just 1000 people coming through an entrance every day over a 20-day work period?