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Case Study: Why Maintenance?

At KBM we provide custom developed carpet maintenance service packages for hundreds of clients in the Calgary area. 

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Why Maintenance?

At KBM we provide custom developed carpet maintenance service packages for hundreds of clients in the Calgary area. We are responsible for the cleaning care of more than 5 million square feet of carpet, from forty floor corporations to multi level common hallways, plus fifteen walkways or recreational soccer fields.

A lot of time and money is committed to choosing the very best flooring for your facility. Knowing the manufacturers product specifications and process of flooring care is the first step in designing a cleaning and maintenance program that will protect that investment, keeping your space looking clean while providing a healthy environment for both clients and employees.

Professional maintenance also serves to maintain property values while extending the life cycle of your flooring products. The cost of a professional and comprehensive carpet maintenance program is only a small percentage of the costs that can be associated with early replacement of a poorly maintained or neglected flooring product. In many cases professional carpet care can extend the useful life of your carpet fibers by as much as 50%. When you factor in the costs associated with lifting work stations, furniture, moving staff and installing new flooring, it only makes economic sense to keep your current product looking good and performing well.

What makes KBM stand out from the competition?

KBM also provides a Life Time Installation Guarantee if we install your flooring and follow up your installation with a regular Maintenance Program.

Providing a high level of quality control throughout the process is our commitment to ensuring your flooring products are being cared for. Regular inspections are performed, assessments are recorded and our maintenance operations personnel are in regular contact with you or your designated contact for scheduling and service completion.


Maintenance Protects Your Investment

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